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Dr. Joseph Fusca



Dr. Joseph Fusca, MB.,BS, FRACGP, is a highly respected and experienced physician who has been a cornerstone of the Princes Hwy Medical Centre since 1994. Graduating in 1989, Dr. Fusca has dedicated over three decades to the medical profession, consistently demonstrating his commitment to patient care and medical excellence.

In addition to his impressive medical credentials, Dr. Fusca is a fluent Italian speaker, which allows him to connect with a broader patient base and provide care in a language that patients are comfortable with. This linguistic ability enhances the patient experience, making healthcare more accessible and personalized.

What truly sets Dr. Fusca apart is his special rapport with children. His friendly demeanor and patient approach make him particularly popular among our younger patients. He has a knack for making children feel at ease during their visits, turning a potentially stressful experience into a positive one.

Dr. Joseph Fusca is not just a physician; he is a multilingual communicator, a child-friendly doctor, and a valued member of the Princes Hwy Medical Centre. His contributions over the years have significantly enhanced the quality of care at the centre and positively impacted countless lives.