(03) 9741 - 1355
9 Princes Hwy, Werribee

Patient Services Coordinator

Tess Elevato is a highly efficient and personable Receptionist at the Princes Hwy Medical Centre. Her role, although different from a Practice Manager, is no less important in ensuring the smooth operation of the centre.

Tess is often the first point of contact for patients and she handles this responsibility with grace and professionalism. Her friendly demeanor and helpful attitude make every patient feel welcome and at ease. She is known for her ability to remember each patient’s name, adding a personal touch to their healthcare experience.

Her responsibilities extend beyond greeting patients. Tess is adept at managing appointments, handling inquiries, and ensuring that the centre’s operations run smoothly. Her organizational skills and attention to detail are truly commendable.

What sets Tess apart is her genuine empathy for the patients. She listens attentively to their concerns and ensures they are directed to the right resources. Her role as a receptionist goes beyond the desk; she is a vital link between the patients and the healthcare providers.

In summary, Tess Elevato is more than a Receptionist; she is the welcoming face of the Princes Hwy Medical Centre, a pillar of organization, and a compassionate listener. Her contributions significantly enhance the patient experience and the overall atmosphere of the centre.